How to Appeal to Women When Listing Real Estate

As a real estate agent when selling a house who should you appeal to?  Nowadays women are the ones who make the decision when it comes to which house will fit the family needs. Don’t get me wrong men have their opinions also but as they say, “happy wife happy life.”  Many women spend countless hours looking for the best listing when it comes to caring for the family needs.  Also gone are the days when a woman does not feel confident enough to buy her own house. With so many single ladies on the lookout for their perfect property how do you make sure they find you and look no further? 

Here are a few things to remember about women whether they are single or have a family:

  • Women are very detail oriented.   When listing a home list items that a woman will find appealing.  Does it have a big gorgeous bathroom with a soaking tub where she can soak her hard day with the kids and/or office away?  Feature it on the listing.  Is it in a gated community?  Even though women who are single and self-sufficient they still like to feel safe where they live.  Give them details. Because come on, girls want to know it all!  Be very descriptive and precise.  Don’t make them fill in the details.  Spell it out.  Make them imagine the house as their own even before they walk through it!

  • Think from the viewpoint of a woman.  However, don’t make the mistake of assuming that all women are alike.  One may be unsure of herself, another super strong and confident.  While others tend to be motivated by emotion yet another by information.  So, make sure you are appealing to all different types of personalities.

  • Age.  A woman changes opinions, feelings and outlook on life as she goes through different stages of life.  So, make sure if you are marketing for all ages you are appealing to all different stages in life.  A single woman is not going to be interested in something a woman with children may be interested in.  Be sure change up your approach for each stage of life.

So, when listing or showing a property be sure to think outside the box and make her feel confident that she has found her agent and no longer needs to look.  Let her know you are there for the long haul.  There may be countless homes or could be just one home that you look at together depending on the person.  Whatever the case, make sure to listen and address her needs.  Women love to be heard and know that their opinions are being cared for.  Another great quality about a woman is that she is loyal if she feels taken care of.  I mean once we find something, we love we don’t need to go anywhere.  How many of you women, like me, have several pairs of shoes, jeans, etc. from the same brand?   Exactly my point!  Not sure how to attract women to your agency?  Let us set you up as the real estate expert!  Check out our Real Estate Contact Marketing here.













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