Business Development Team "Real People" Can Afford

We're here for the little guy, not fortune 500 companies with deep pockets & rich investors

Our client is the single Mom that everyone knows who has a great idea for a tea company.  Or a retired couple ready to launch a food delivery business.  We don't work with Fortune 500 companies or entrepreneurs with a large cash flow.  Our joy comes from helping real people get their business idea off the ground.  In fact, you can't even work with us unless you have less than $15K to invest.  

We want to help every person with a small business idea give wings to their dream.


We Launch "Real People" Business Dreams, not the Ones with Deep Pockets.

Every Business Launch is Important

Launching and growing businesses is what we do.

Fast Turn Around

We have been known to launch new start up business ideas in as little as 3 weeks.

Ongoing Support

Successful entrepreneurs is our goal and we're always behind them even after the launch.

Exit Strategy

We assist new entrepreneurs in creating an exit strategy so eventually they can sell their idea.


Our Services

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Are you ready to launch your business idea but not sure where to start or how to do it?

Are you looking to scale your existing business but not sure how to without a "bazillion dollars?"

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